Welcome to iConnect Agile

What We Offer

iConnect Kanban

iConnect Kanban hands on training, designing and implementation helps to take deep dive into concepts.

iConnect Scrum

iConnect Scrum explains the art of Simplicity in terms Scrum framework with emphasis on simple roles and responsibility.

iConnect DevOps

iConnect DevOps takes individuals and Organization to next generation learning approach.

iConnect Agile Meetup

Each month on the first Monday of the month we host a Meetup in Frisco, TX. Local to DFW? Come join us.

The purpose of this Meetup is to share knowledge and encourage each other to continue to grow in our Agile journey. We are all walking a different path on our journey to be Agile. Learning about the different roles and challenges we all face can help us all understand one another a little better.

iConnect Agile Book Club

If learning by reading is something you enjoy, our iConnect Agile Book Club is a place you belong.

Each month we meet to discuss and share the reading insights from Agile Books. We can learn so much from each other. If you are local to DFW, come join us!

iConnect Agile Improv

iConnect Agile Improv gives you the opportunity to hands-on manuever through difficult situations.

If you are part of an Agile transformation and are seeking ways to improvise your transformation journey this Meetup is for you. In iConnect Agile Improv we use 5 basic Improv principles to build strong teams with positive and effective human integrations. We come together, take a simple situation and apply Improv techniques to create a positive response teaching you to effectively maneuver through situations that may otherwise be difficult to land in a positive response.